Focus on the French manufacture of our products

Focus on the French manufacture of our products

A brief overview and portrait of a producer

La Maison du Savon de Marseille guarantees traditional French production. Here is a quick overview of where our products come from:

  • - Organic donkey milk: Manufactured in the Pyrénées Atlantiques
  • - Lavender: Manufacturing in Sault
  • - Cubes and slices of Marseille: Manufacturing in Marseille
  • - Liquid and household soaps: Manufacture in Peyruis
  • - Cosmetics and shower gels: Manufacturing in Valensole
  • - Argan oil scented soaps: Manufacture in Manosque
  • - Shea Butter and Donkey Milk Scented Soaps: Manufacturing in Manosque
  • - Perfumes and scents: Manufacturing in Grasse

Focus on our donkey milk producer in the Pyrénées Atlantiques

He donkey's milk that we use comes from a donkey factory in the South West of France, in organic farming and breeding. The breeder is Nicolas. For him, it is above all a story of the heart, that of a man for the donkeys and for nature, in what is most generous and noble.

It is on this vast territory that the 240 donkeys, donkeys and colts that make up the herd of the donkey farm roam. The donkeys are fed exclusively on grass, hay and organic cereals. Each year, they leave from May to October in the mountain pastures in the Pyrenees National Park.

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Focus on our Savon de Marseille manufacturer in Marseille

The soap factory that makes our real Marseille soaps is the oldest soap factory in Marseille still in operation, located in their historic premises since 1856, in the same place, in Marseille.

It is Michel, master soap maker for more than 30 years, who perpetuates this ancestral production handed down from generation to generation. This soap factory is one of the founding members of the Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille, which guarantees quality soap made according to the know-how established by the Edict of Colbert.

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Focus on our liquid soap manufacturer, by traditional saponification

In the heart of Provence, they manufacture our quality liquid soaps according to an ancestral saponification process in compliance with European standards, with respect for the environment and that of the skin.

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Focus on our Cosmetics and shower gels manufacturer

Formulator and manufacturer located in the heart of Provence, more precisely in Valensole in the Alpes de Haute Provence (04). This SME puts its skills and know-how at our service for the formulation, manufacture and packaging of our cosmetic products and shower gels.

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