The benefits of vegetable oils for the beard

The benefits of vegetable oils for the beard

The 100% natural must have for Monsieur!

If there were to be only one cosmetic product in Monsieur's toiletry bag, it would certainly be vegetable oil! A veritable Swiss knife of beauty, vegetable oils have many benefits for the skin and the beard!

Why take good care of your beard?

Hygiene :

Brush it daily for a question of aesthetics of course, but also of hygiene in order to eliminate dead skin and external residues such as crumbs and pollution.

Beautiful hair:

Moisturize it daily to avoid dry, stingy, unkempt beard

Beautiful skin :

A nice beard starts with healthy skin underneath to sport a full fleece.

This is timely, vegetable oils are real treasures, both for the skin and for the hair! We will explain everything to you...


Focus on oils:

Avocado oil

It will repair the most damaged and dry skin. Thanks to its regenerative and antioxidant properties, it delays the appearance of the signs of aging.

Avocado oil will nourish the hair and soften it (interesting if you have an itchy beard).

The B vitamins it contains have nourishing properties for the hair follicles, effective in combating hair loss and promoting growth.


Argan Oil

It revitalizes broken or dull hair.

It is nicknamed the anti-aging oil because of its strong softening power, it is a natural anti-aging for your skin.

It has exceptional healing properties.


Sweet almond oil

deal for moisturizing dry and damaged beards.

Suitable for irritated, fragile, mature, dry skin.

For people with psoriasis or eczema.


Jojoba oil

One of the best oils for moisturizing the skin, it will also help regulate sebum production (and therefore prevent the appearance of beard dandruff).

You will also have fewer skin imperfections (pimples) and this will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs in the beard.


Using advice :

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your beard with our facial cleanser,
  2. Dry gently with a towel
  3. Comb your beard to remove impurities, starting with the tips to prevent it from pulling too much.
  4. Then apply a few drops of vegetable oil by massaging with your fingers to evenly distribute the oil on the skin
  5. Repeat the gesture from the roots to the tips of the beard to hydrate and care for the hair.
  6. Brush again to put it all back in place

The beautiful fleece is yours!

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