The "magic" stain remover soap

The "magic" stain remover soap

My grandmother's recipe...

"I remember a soap, a big lumpy cube. It was at my grandparents', outside, on the edge of a sink. It was hard as a stone. Very dry. For a very long time, I didn't know what it was. Until my grandmother told me that it was a soap... and that it was indestructible! It had been there for years, and according to her, it did not there was nothing better for untether the laundry ...❤️"

Nice testimonial from @sans_superior.below on Instagram.

Magic stain-removing soap

The essential traditional stain-removing soap

Nothing has changed since the days of our grandmothers... Here is our Best Seller: the "magic" stain-removing soap!

In the manufacture of Marseille soap nothing is wasted: we recovers ultra-concentrated tank bottoms, to make this powerful stain-removing soap, 100% natural. Intractable with the most stubborn stains: grease, grease, ketchup, mayonnaise, wine, blood, perspiration, tomato sauce, coffee, tea, chocolate, lipstick, ink, grass, paint, oil...

Resulting from an old-fashioned saponification in cauldrons, it is made with Marseille soap recognized for its legendary stain removal effectiveness.


Grandma's knack

Very simple! Dampen the linen, lather and rub the stain remover cube on the front and back of the stain. Wait 15 to 20 minutes, then scrub and rinse with water, or put in the washing machine if the stain is stubborn.

An ancestral production, like in the good old days...

Nearly 10 days are needed to produce our soap cooked in cauldrons according to the Marseille process.

This know-how and this traditional production, preciously transmitted from generation to generation of master soap makers, is always in the spotlight in our soap factory.

A natural and hypoallergenic soap, formulated with exclusively vegetable oils, without the addition of preservatives, dyes, perfumes or animal fats, this soap is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

Easily biodegradable and non-polluting, it is an ecological alternative to cleaning chemicals!

Tested and approved by our customers!

"Great! Thank you! The most effective of all stain-removing products: nothing can resist it."

"Indispensable!! So efficient and pleasant to use!"

"Essential soap for baby bodysuits..."

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