Hammam ritual in spa or at home

Hammam ritual in spa or at home

Let us introduce you to an oriental ritual that will make you travel straight to 1001 nights: the hammam ritual, for purified skin and a relaxed mind.

It's a ritual that you can do at home or in a spa, alone or in pairs, if you want to be pampered and offer well-being in return! The hammam is called "Turkish bath" or "Moorish bath" and its origin dates from the ancient Greeks. Prepare yourself a good cup of mint tea... We take you...


The first step is to open the pores to release as many impurities as possible. This is the step of sweating carried out thanks to the hot steam of the hammam. This step is beneficial in many other ways for the body: it stimulates blood circulation, soothes muscle pain, frees the sinuses and nasal passages to facilitate breathing and eliminates tension and fatigue for immediate relaxation.

Tips :

  • In the spa: enter the hammam... relax.
  • At home: let the hot water in the shower or bath run until steam forms in the room. Immerse yourself in steam for 8-10 minutes, no more. Finish by taking a cool shower, to revive the venous system, feeling of absolute well-being! Drink plenty of water before entering the hammam and all day after to avoid dehydration.


After opening the pores, soaping with our black eucalyptus soap will unclog them deeply and prepare the scrub. At this stage, the skin already begins to be supple and hydrated. The vapors charged with eucalyptus oil clear the respiratory tract and provide an immediate feeling of relaxation. Saponified with olive oil, our formula is 98% natural, it is cooked in a cauldron by a renowned master soap maker.

Tips :

  • Moisten the skin in the shower - Apply the black soap all over the body with your hands - Leave on for 10-15 minutes

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Throughout the year, our skin forms dead skin, hair under the skin, blackheads... let's get off to a good start by erasing all that! The "combo" of our black soap and our loofa heart has the double virtue of exfoliating while moisturizing the skin. The loofah (loofah or luffa) is made of 100% natural soft fibers, from the drying remains of an exotic cucumber. This exfoliating material is ideal for carrying out a gentle exfoliation. It cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates impurities and dead skin: healthier skin that breathes!

Tips :

  • Make circular movements on the skin, exerting light pressure to release all the impurities. - Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

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Let's close this ritual in style with a final note of relaxation: the body massage with the queen of oils, our organic virgin argan oil. Even at this stage, it's always more pleasant to pamper each other with your hammam partner. Argan oil will leave the skin even softer and silkier. Lie down... close your eyes, let go...

Tips :

  • Pour a teaspoon of argan oil into the palm of your hand - Massage the whole body, insisting on the muscle areas until the oil penetrates the skin - Do not rinse to make the most of the benefits of oil

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The advice given on this site does not replace the advice of a doctor, please consult your doctor. The hammam is contraindicated for people with heart problems, hypertension or hypotension and circulatory disorders. If you suffer from kidney problems, diabetes, epilepsy or are pregnant, heat baths should also be avoided. Avoid going to the hammam during the digestion phase. It is best to wait at least two hours after a heavy meal before going there. Drink plenty of water before entering the hammam to avoid dehydration, and start with sessions of 8-10 minutes. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Never stay in the steam room longer than your body can tolerate. The goal is to raise your body temperature to a point that generates good sweating without causing dizziness or other uncomfortable effects. When your time is up, be sure to allow your body to slowly adapt by sitting quietly for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you continue to hydrate throughout the day. Never fall asleep It is better not to practice the hammam alone in case you feel bad.

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