5 uses of black soap to know for the outside

5 uses of black soap to know for the outside

Our simple and ecological tips and recipes for a beautiful and responsible garden

Recipe: ecological treatment of the garden based on black soap

Curative pest control

Protects fruit trees (such as apple trees) from woolly aphids, protects vines against insect pests (black aphid, leafhopper), protects ornamental plants (such as roses) from aphids, scale insects and spider mites, protects the vegetable garden (like tomato plants) from aphids and green bugs in an easy and environmentally friendly way!

  • Product preparation: Prepare a 5% dilution by diluting 50 g of liquid black soap (5 tablespoons) per liter of water, using lukewarm water to facilitate dilution. You can add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to prevent the solution from foaming too much. Let the solution cool and put it in the tank of a sprayer. Spray the affected plants (regardless of the type of plants, fruit trees and roses included), including the underside of their leaves. Repeat the operation for 3 days in 3 days if necessary, until the insect colonies have disappeared.
  • Precautions for use: Proceed with the treatment in the morning or in the evening, to avoid direct sunlight and strong heat. Do not spray in rainy weather.

Wetting agent for Bordeaux mixture

A wetting agent is frequently used to increase the effectiveness of a Bordeaux mixture spray. It allows better adhesion and better efficiency of foliar treatment products and limits the phenomenon of washing due to watering and rain.

  • Preparation of the product: Instead of buying a commercial wetting product, put in your sprayer 25 tablespoons of liquid black soap for 5 liters of Bordeaux mixture.

Honeydew and sooty mold cleaner

Honeydew is that thin, sticky film and sooty mold is that black mold that causes leaf drop. 

  • Precautions for use: Start by completely ridding the plants of insect colonies, as explained in the "Curative pest control" step Remove and burn the most affected leaves.
  • Preparation of the product: Put 2 tablespoons of soap for one liter of water then clean the remaining leaves with a cloth soaked in liquid black soap diluted in water

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S.O.S: Take care of the gardener's hands!

Gardener's soap with healing properties Gardening often leaves your hands under stress? The pickaxe, recalcitrant roses? This soap is made for you! We have developed a composition of essential oils of lavender flowers, pine needles and Ylang-Ylang flowers. Lavender Maillette and cistus have healing properties, Ylang-Ylang softens the skin, moisturizes and illuminates it. The top note, lavender, is associated with a touch of green anise for its freshness on a floral heart of ylang, geranium and cistus. A nice vintage touch in your garden, it can be hung on the tap of your outdoor water point or be installed on our so-called "school children" wall-mounted soap dishes. La Maison du Savon de Marseille soap refills are economical: around 800 hand washes for a 270-gram soap.

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Hand cream  Our hand creams enriched with donkey's milk are recommended for dry hands. They regenerate areas of the epidermis that are tired, irritated or damaged by tools and plants. Ideal after a gardening session!

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Tip: Clean your paths, furniture, utensils and garden tools with black soap

Degrease the Barbecue and the Plancha with black soap Place a little pure black soap on a brush and scrub the grid and utensils, then rinse with hot water

Clean garden furniture with black soap Useful on teak, wood or PVC garden furniture, planters, pots and tubs, the screen, the barnum, the watering can, the gutters and the gutters, the garage door, the window borders... Same trick 

Clean gardening tools with black soap From time to time, clean your garden tools by rubbing the metal parts with a brush soaked in pure black soap paste. Rinse with clear water. Dry with newspaper.

Clean your terraces and garden paths with black soap Useful on stone, brick, slate, tile or cement surfaces Dilute 2 tablespoons of liquid black soap in 5 liters of lukewarm water. Spread this solution on the terrace or walkways to be cleaned, whether Scrub with a stiff brush. No need to rinse.

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