Customized soaps for your events

Corporate events or gifts, weddings, baptisms...
Offer personalized soaps with decorations, logo, illustrations!

from 35 pieces / Time 10 working days

Savons personnalisés logo entreprise
Savons CE entreprise goodies
Savons personnalisés baptêmes
Savons perso Mariages

Are you organizing your wedding? Your child's baptism? Your 40th birthday?

Are you celebrating your company's 10th anniversary and want to leave a message to your customers with your logo?

Whatever the event, private or professional, offering a personalized soap is an original idea that will appeal to as many people as possible!

The support?

Our 30, 60 and 125 gram soap enriched with organic shea butter and manufactured by us in our factory in Manosque.

You can choose from a selection of our 10 best fragrances (Patchouli, Argan, Olive Oil, Lavender, Lotus Flower...) on the site in the Personalized Soaps menu.

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